Exploring the Advancements of Technology in Online Gaming Portals

The world of online gaming has certainly experienced far more reach and popularity than many might have ever imagined possible. No one could really tell just how explosive this industry was going to become. With the constant advancements in tech, it was to be presumed, but the way online gaming sites are shaped and crafted today certainly exceeds many people’s expectations.

Playing games online has become a habit that most people notice in their daily lives. Being able to log onto gaming channels through digital means, such as a mobile device, has made online gaming more available than ever. Certain games have truly gone over and beyond to capture the essence of a game and give their online players a chance to dive deeply into the gaming world. This article aims to uncover some of these most pivotal upgrades.

EA FIFA Sports

EA FIFA Sports is one of the biggest and most successful online gaming enterprises in the world. Together with a few others, they dominate the online sporting arena. In real life, FIFA is massively famous and successful, with the physical arena being filled with 80,000 spectators to watch 22 famous athletes and stars performing at the highest level of football (or soccer, depending on where you come from) in the world.

Funnily enough, this love and accuracy of the game was then channeled and translated into digital means. Visiting real games, buying tickets, and having access to physical games are not things the average person has at their constant disposal. However, most people have a PlayStation and television set at home, which is where the idea of online football gaming came from. Just check out these guys to see just how larger-than-life online gaming has become over the past decade.

Now, FIFA has always been great and cutting-edge, however, with their latest upgrade of the game, they have truly shocked and impressed their fans. FIFA invested huge amounts into the newest recording technology, which they positioned around the physical stadium fields so that each player’s movements could be accurately recorded. This might sound trivial, but do you know what it means? It means that when you play a FIFA game now, you can tell exactly which player is doing what, purely based on their movements, as they are so accurate now.


Online players always welcome gameplay enhancements. The interesting thing about NBA 2K is that it refreshes its platform every year. This means that if you’re an online player and you want to have the latest version of the NBA game, then you’re going to have to purchase it afresh each year. It might sound tedious, but it makes sense, especially from a tech and gaming stance. Every year, and even within years, teams change. Players get sold, bought, drafted, and retired. Therefore, NBA needs to ensure that the team you’re playing with is the right one, which they can only do once a year. It would be far too time-consuming to change teams on the online game each time a team makes a change in real life. This has led to a rather interesting development tech-wise, as it means that gaming software developers are upgrading things every year player-wise, so they might as well upgrade other things, too.

One of the most recent advancements has been “Finessing your way to the rack,” which is exactly what they call the upgrade. What this allows you to do as a player is move your avatar exactly as you want and show some style while you’re at it. There are now more instructions that you can give players with a new set of console directions, giving you more freedom and creativity when playing with your avatar. There is also more “Rim action,” which means that there are more ways that you can approach dunking or shooting a basket. Beyond this, the NBA software development team also spent a lot of time updating the “Skill move”. This means that if you’re playing the offensive, there are many different ways for you to show your attacking side, by combing newly programmed console mixtures.

Much the same when it comes to the defensive, there are many different ways that you can showcase your defense talents and even show off a little, thanks to the new “skill move section”.

The Future is Golden

As you can see from the above, technological advancements are far more than simply programming new upgrades to a system, they actually fundamentally change the way online players experience gaming. With every change and development, there is a direct correspondence with how the game is enjoyed.

One area of tech that also seems to be moving full steam ahead is the world of artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR), which is also set to change the way games work. In fact, with the rise of VR headsets and the implementation of AI across many different games, players have already been experiencing the changes that have come from this.

It is not clear how online gaming will mold and change over time, however, with the way technology is advancing and the pace at which it is moving, it is clear to see there developments will continue to come daily.